Hit Hard Radio ​

Although ThaSlumpZone is a platform natrually created for a WIDER opportunity for radio play for SAN DIEGO artist, we have branched out quite a bit and are now working with artist all over the world. If you have any questions or want to submit any music in to us , please email HitHardRadioSlump@gmail.com OR ThaSlumpZone@gmail.com . We also have great deals for radio INTERVIEWS for all artist and businesses. 

619-878-7255 for quick text or call. ask for  (LoKeyvin)

"You're Gonna Feel This" 

      Hit hard radio is a Internet radio station powered by Tha Slumpzone. It is a universal genre based station that also gives many Local artist an opportunity to get their music played on the radio. The concept behind the name "Hit Hard" is of course YOU CANT CALL IT A HIT IF YOU DON'T FEEL IT . 
       If you aren't familliar with Tha Slump Zone, you will know now!!! Ran by Big LMeezy Out in Atlanta Georgia , you would never know that he wasn't even In San Diego. Tha Slump zone is full Of Radio host who manage to hold tha Slump Zone together on Top of all of our daily responsibilities. Hit hard Radio was Created just A few months after The Slump zone took air. It is just one of many Other shows powered by Tha Slump zone. 
  Artist interviews can be booked by anyone including managers and those who arent into music. This radio station Gives everyone an opportunity to promote and advertise thier small or large business and ideas , reaching an adience across the World . Interviews such as  ARTIST INTERVIEWS on hit hard radio are done in interval packages such as ( 1 hour time, 5 song submissions of your choice and up To 30 minutes of a full out introduction of the artist , Where they are from and their motives as well as their inspiration behind what it is that they Do . We also do TAKE OVERS which consist of a full Hour (OR PAID TIME) to present all and nothing but The Artist Music, features and promotions, Dedicating Every minute on Air To The Artist.

Who to talk to about interviews or submissions of any type. 

ThaSlumpZone Radio Owner, Co-Owner and host can be contacted for interviews or even just to Speak About Guest appearances or shows. You can also feel very open to speaking with Big LMeezy of tha Slumpzone for Rates or info Of ANY TYPE that you may have.

Packages are labeled off to the side , from Basic to TAKEOVER. You can go LiteWieght but affective with basic interviews, You may Wnat To Speak Alot more as Well as send in more music and that would come in handy with the STARTER Package OR you can of course go BIG and Use the whole period to Air and broacast All Your own hot music and features, beats you may want people to hear as well as upcoming Projects. you can use the Time HOWEVER you would like with A TAKEOVER as long as you do One thing.... Take over the WHOLE Air Stream. so if you decide that you would Rather Spin all Your friends music Or even just in between , its YOUR time and YOUR time To TAKEOVER. Hmu for any further Details.