Tha FameUMorning Show 

      What's up Slump Zone?! As you see , we've created A 3 man team to help Deliver You not Only Good game and Music to your Ears, but all From 3 Totally differnt mind states And people That all have learned to Work and Put Our ideas together... bringing you something We never even thought about before today.. The FameUMorning show 

       I "Fame" am the handsome straight forward LAID BACK yet straight down to business type, My chill yet DETERMINED energy is my contribute to this group, also with a Soul For music and songs that will Keep you going. " Miss Bree" is the Lady, the Female opinion and just so happens to have the voice Of A goddess And knows just what To say to get you on Edge and wanting to more. "Sir johnny Mack" is the High Energy boost Game face Type Of guy that has a frequent On going energy in and out Of the booth but its HERE where it All comes in handy and Seals up the Squad, Leaving Everyone on Edge of Their Seats and Tunig in Each air (Mon- Wed-Fri) Each Week.