Kyiran Famous

​​Artist Bio​
Name: KyiranFamous

Group: Solo Artist

Label: SkateBoardNazty Records

Home Town: San Diego, Ca

       KyiranFamous was born Kyiran-Bruce Bailey in 1988 in San Diego, California. After his father’s unsolved murder he pledged to use any wealth he earns to hire detectives to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
Inspired by listening to early R&B and 80s rap his father played while they drove Famous recorded his first song with a friend aged 12.
But a year later his father was murdered, leading to a downward spiral that saw the young man being kicked out of high school.
However, after the grieving and turning his back on music briefly Famous began to find it in his heart once more. KyiranFamous harnessed his talent to produce inspirational music aimed at saying “be who you are”.
Experimenting with a range of styles he eventually settled on a fusion of Hip-Hop, jazz, R&B, pop, soul and…sex(Which he refers to as Nazty Dirty Sex Music). Though sex seems to be the hot topic for Kyiran’s music, it doesn’t mean it or he is sexist. “It’s okay to be who you are,” he says. “Gay, Straight, confused, disabled, depressed just be yourself try to enjoy and live life to the fullest to become that star you were meant to be  yourself and let the music inspire you.”

     KyiranFamous is a highly motivated San Diego artist that has made EXTRA sure he stays in tune with his Music And productions. With frequent DAILY self Promotion and Advertising, Kyiran has managed to build his Very own fan base in his home town as well as fans And Supporters in states across the U.S. KyiranFamous doesn't Only focus On Himself , he is highly supportive with other Local Artist and business ,, Putting In Quality time Out his Day To promote and help Create a buzz for other artist Out Trying to Accomplsih the Same Dream As himself. 


Kyiran is currently working on NEW music video content, but below are just a couple of PROMO videos he has managed to get done